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Jet AFS-1000 air filter for sale. Not any more..


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19 Mar 2007
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Ex nr Carcassonne, France. Now Corston Malmesbury
I have just moved house and now have a smaller workshop. So my faithful ceiling hung Jet AFS-1000 has nowhere to hang :( . It has worked faultlessly for the 10 years or so I have had it and there have not been any problems with it. It is the model that came with the white primary filter.

Remote controlled 3 speed motor with 2, 4 and 8 hour timer. Quiet in operation and very efficient. Complete with the 4 chain links for ceiling hanging.

This is the 1000B. I believe that the only difference is in the filter materials. The mechanics are the same? I stand to be corrected if it isn't the case.

https://www.axminster.co.uk/jet-afs-100 ... tem-310481

Price asked £180. The buyer will have to collect from close to Malmesbury, Wilts. Also, cash only please :mrgreen:

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