It's about time I did a refit..

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Thanks for that Delaney.. People enjoying the updates keeps me

Not much to report this week..

I was planning to do a lot over the bank holiday but great weather and beer got in the way..

Did manage to put new blades on my hand held Bosch electric planer.. what a difference they made. I've never changed them as I only use it for getting wood roughly down to size but after fitting new blades I'll be using it a lot more..

I also knocked up another two draw units along with all the draws for them so I'm 2/3 of the way there.. All the board for the last two is cut but I'll leave it until Friday to put them together.. hopefully by then I'll have the boards for the last ten draws too.. 8) That will be 30... yes 30 tool draws on one wall.. I've already started sorting out a few boxes of tools to fill them.


lick of varnish needed to bring out the colours like the first row.. then on to cleaning up my old tools.. (hammer)
Not too much to report this week.. It's been heavy going at work so I've been getting home late..

I have managed to get all the boards cut ready for the last two draw units along with the pigeon hole shelves to go inside my main bench where all my powertools will have their own hole to live in..

So while I was only able to go in the bunker for a short time I started sorting out tools into the finished draws.. I mentioned at the beginning I wanted a place for everything and everything in it's place, well most of the draws are done so I made a start..

I've gathered a fair mix of drifts and punches all a bit of a mishmash of brands and shapes over the years and after seeing them in one of the draws they were looking a little sad and neglected.. Well no more I said to myself..


The stupid plastic sleeves that make them slippy when oil gets on them was removed and they were hit with a wire wheel then reground before shooting them with the blue I use on my vises..


I found a few more while the paint was drying and the bolster was in use but has been finished since the photo.. they look much happier and I'm hoping this is the shape of things to come..

While I had the rattle can warm I shot the stool I got from work.


And I also shot Clock with his new He's just waiting for the new center insert my son the Tattooist is drawing before he goes back together..



While going through one of the tool boxes I found my first pair of professional scissors bought almost 30 years ago. they cost me a weeks wages back then and I've only bought two pairs since.. I used them last 10 years ago cutting fiberglass for the roof of the bunker and they were covered in resin.. Soooo....


They got a makeover too.. good as new and twice as sharp..


And after noticing how dark the back end of the bunker was I went looking for a few strip lights to brighten it up.. spotted an auction on ebay and put in a cheeky bid.. and won.. :shocking: don't think I have room on the ceiling for them Picked them up today.. all as new for less than a pound..

You are a very lucky man to have that set up.

Very talented as well - you seem to be able to turn your hand to everything. Seems like you are enjoying yourself - please keep the updates coming.
Like your style Lee.
Ah, I think I'll just paint those punches quickly...
Hmmm, since the paint is out... I wonder...
Could do the stool, wont take long. This is nice and relaxing.
Ahhh, thats better. Tidy. I wonder...
The Clock! Bring me THE CLOCK! I am the God of the Blue Paint!
*Frantically digging around in drawers like a strung out smackhead looking for gear...
Goddammit where are those F****ing scissors I last used 10 years ago! They Need Painting NOW!

Keep it up mate I always enjoy these posts. :wink:
Cracking job with the blue paint ! Looks really smart.

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There will be more blue paint.. I collect record tools so I use a lot of blue getting them to look

And I warm the cans before use to make them work better..

There is a guy on another forum (GL) who said that it does not matter how many jobs you have to do.. as long as you do one a day however small they will all add up to finishing the workshop..

I took this as no matter how small the job may be they all need doing.. I do have a load of big stuff to do but I have a shed load of small jobs too.. sometimes stepping away from the big stuff is like a rest..

I'm off work for a week now so the outside of the Bunker is getting a lick of paint.. we are planning the new roof terrace too.. and today I had a few things picked up after putting them on freecycle to get rid of them.. soon I will be able to show the other side of the workshop thats a mess right now as an empty

Thanks for the replies guys.. they really do help keep me motivated.. doesn't take much to get me on the sofa with a glass of so keeping the refit going is important. and the comments really
help :)
Bm101":1ki9a9yh said:
Like your style Lee.
Ah, I think I'll just paint those punches quickly...
Hmmm, since the paint is out... I wonder...
Could do the stool, wont take long. This is nice and relaxing.
Ahhh, thats better. Tidy. I wonder...
The Clock! Bring me THE CLOCK! I am the God of the Blue Paint!
*Frantically digging around in drawers like a strung out smackhead looking for gear...
Goddammit where are those F****ing scissors I last used 10 years ago! They Need Painting NOW!

Keep it up mate I always enjoy these posts. :wink:

I was a bit like that Chris .. I was going to paint the large Woden 12" clamp too but ran out of paint.. :cry:
No more boring people with tales of draw making... They are all done.!!!

Well just one small post about them then they are all done.. :wink:

So I was waiting until the next supply of handles arrived which they did this morning.. As soon as I got home from work I went in the Bunker to finish the Draw units.. I have to say I'm very happy with them though the floor has a dip in the middle so they will need to be leveled .. And they will need a quick sand down and a rub over with oil but thats all they are getting.. Total cost for the Draw units £6.16 for the handles (and £6 for runners I didn't use in the end..) everything else was free.



You can see the large pile of strip lights I got off Ebay sitting on top.. I've only replaced one of the four foot ones with the new six foot and the difference is amazing..

Can't wait to get the other five up on the ceiling then a couple under the wall cupboards over the worktop.. I'll have them on a separate circuit so they can be left off when not in use.. But that won't happen until the new power cable is fed through from the house..

I Also bought an old Record plane to restore so thats now soaking to get the rust off it though it's only lightly rusted. more on that later..

Gave the floor a coat of primer to seal it before the new paint..

And finally I picked up a scrap blade from work.. it's just dropped down below it's regrind limit so I fished it out of the metal bin... I'm thinking new Shop Clock as it won't fit my skill saw. :(



Thanks for looking. 8)
Well it's been a while.. a death, two bouts of covid , and an old house that needed work soaked up a lot of my time.. used a shed load of pallets to build my new kitchen.. came out quite nice and very cheap.. I like cheap.. lol

Also did a small refit on my Living room.. new ceiling, floor, walls and furniture.. made a couple of sofas but I don't have pictures with the cushions on.. also made a new fire surround and collector box coffee table.. Mostly from pallet wood obviously.. ;)


Workshop had a big leak.. all the pallet wall is coming down for a new years eve
So the leak in my workshop roof got a lot worse with the heavy rail we've been having here in North wales. If you look in a couple of the photos above you can see the extent of the rotten patch of pallet wall and the black mold building up...

I decided to rip the pallets off the damp bit to get rid of the mold (gloves, mask and goggles used) and found it had spread behind the the rest of the planks over most of the 20 foot long wall..

OK so where do I go from here... I've ripped out all the pallet wall and taken it to the tip.. Treated the wall with a few different types of mold killer and cleaned it all away.. Finally I've moved everything to the dry side of the workshop and set up a dryer..

Sadly my tinkering in the shed days are over until I get a new roof sorted..

Happily that should be soon.. I just bought a used once Tar boiler with all the tools I'll need (second hand saved me nearly 500 quid and I'll get my money back when I sell it).. As soon as it gets here a tonne of Mastic blocks are being delivered and I've watched a youtube video so I'm good to go.. ;)

I mean mastic roofing is like plastering but gravity is on your side right.. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

Also after moving everything I've figured I had the place all set up wrong.. Drawing out new plans for zoned areas to split metalwork woodwork and tool collection up and make the space more workable and give me a lot more play space..

Watch this space.. :cool: oh andkeep the burneez and a fire extinguisher handy.. 🥵