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7 Feb 2020
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Hi everyone,

I'm restoring some index drawers (pic attached) and need to find a part.

It's the small metal hole that the rod would have gone through. Circled in red on the pic.

Does anyone know what this is called? Or, even better, does anyone have a spare knocking about?

Many thanks in anticipation



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it would have been called a bush or a ferule and I'd have thought that these days you would have to make your own.
not a difficult task as it's pretty much just a chunk of brass with a hole through it but a lathe would make your life considerably easier.

It is such a jelly bean part for when it was made but has obviously gone out of use, I'd suggest you measure the rod and run a google search (other search engines are available) for that size of bush or bushing (maybe with the word flanged thrown in too).

you are unlikely to find an exact match but stand a chance of finding something close enough.

"Centre Rods" would be the discription I would use.
I think the only way to get one, would be to remove it from another set, as index cards are not used much in this modern age.

If you get accurate dimensions of the ferrule you need - just one? - I'd be happy to turn it/them for you if it only a few. Or send me one to copy.

Thank you all for the replies.

I am very grateful.

Keith - Thank you very much indeed for your offer.

I've taken the front of the drawer off which I could post to you tomorrow?

Could you pls DM me or give me a means of contacting you to find out your details?

Thanks again,

Ben, I haven't received your index drawer front, nor heard anything since I sent you my address. Just checking nothing has fallen between the cracks.