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INCRA LS32TSM Tablesaw fence for sale ... never used


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15 Nov 2007
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A couple of years back, I bought the LS32TSM INCRA tablesaw fence system from Rutlands . My intention was to install it onto my Grizzly tablesaw which I had shipped back from the States, but what with one thing and another I never did get round to it.

I am currently having to downsize my shop, and with great regret I will not have room to install the INCRA system ( I will have to sell my beloved Grizzly LH tilting saw as well ...boo hoo)

So the upshot is that I am offering the INCRA LS32TSM tablesaw fence system for sale. I don't need to spell out the advantages of this system ... for anybody doing precision work its a no- brainer.

The components of the system are all still in the original stout cardboard packaging ... totally intact ... totally unused.

Rutlands have the system on sale currently priced at £599 .... the only snag is that they don't actually have it in stock, and no indication as to when it will be in stock.

I am offering my system for sale at £499 ... a saving of £100 on the Rutlands price. Carriage will have to be ascertained later, but shouldn't be exorbitant.

You can see the Rutlands listing here https://www.rutlands.co.uk/product+t+LS32TSM