In defence of the silent, or - my excuse for not commenting

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Philip Streeting":2pgf7x1z said:
To describe the mindset of the average turner who visits this Forum as 'worse than useless' says more about the writer than the readers here.

Gnu, I am pleased that you are so self-assured about your work and that you have reached the point in your development where comment and critique are irrelevant to you.

If you feel it is right to move on and contribute to other Forums where you can be of more constructive and positive help to those learning new skills - bon voyage.

Meanwhile the rest of us can carry on learning from each other.

Best wishes

P.S. For those who wish to try Craft Fairs, learn more about the commercial side of woodturning and design opportunities this is a helpful site to visit:
Lots of ideas and pricing guidelines from Lawrence to be found here.

+1 for all the above =D>

PS Not the same Powys as gnu inhabits, by any chance?
Please god tell me that there is only one Powys, Cymru on this earth! After several years of trying to find my way around those vallies and trying to explain to police 'persons' at un-godly times of the mornings why I was trying to find customers who had screwed their mainframes and not being able to even pronounce the names I was trying to find!

Don't tell me that there is a haunting by something from that non-place yet again? Especially if it's a higher being that needs no assistance of any kind :shock:

Us lowely persons that bleed when we are cut should shake at this presence :wink:

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