I need a blade setting jig for Clarke CPT250 10" thicknesser


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3 Aug 2012
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Good morning. The blades on the thicknesser are shot (full of nail dings) so I went to drop in the new ones I have had waiting. I did not know I needed a setting jig (small bit of plastic) and cannot find it anywhere. The spare parts service are out of stock and I am now left hanging. Have taken a few weeks off work to get jobs done on the house to a bit frustrating! I need the jig as they have to be adjusted to the correct position on the blade holder before that is bolted onto the spindle. No means to fine adjust them once they are on the spindle.

I am posting in the small hope that someone might have one they could lend (or sell) me so that I can keep on working?

Otherwise I suppose I will have to improvise something. If anyone had the dimensions that would be helpful.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a good day. :)

There are a number of thiicknesser models that are clones of this one. 10" doesn't seem to be a popular size so if yours has 10" wide blades it might be the same.

Why not use a straight edge or square on the outfeed table, then adjust your blades to that. The old way is you get a flat piece of wood and adjust the blades so that when rotated they move the piece of wood about 5mm. Or use a dial gauge
Yes unfortunately there is no way to fine adjust the blades once they are on the spindle. They get set in position when they are attached to the blade holders. These are then bolted to the spindle (the last set of bolts are non-adjustable).
If I can't get hold of a setting jig I will have to try and find a piece of "L" cross section material with the right dimensions.

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Had an idea which works close enough - put a 5mm packer between the blade and the blade holder. Wasn't so hard. :wink:
Total dim of 36.5 less 31.2 blade (originals were 32.5). They are just about 0.3mm smaller than before but I don't think this will make much difference on this planer. The bed is sheet metal so not exactly rock solid

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