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14 Oct 2011
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Holmes Chapel
I’ve recently bought a Holroyd grinder, lovely bit of old iron tha5 needs some TLC. It has two wheels that are slow turning, and two that are fast turning. The two wheels just visible are slow turning the one on the left is unbelievable fine, almost an oil stone. On the other side there is a fast grinding wheel, a cone wheel with a leather strop encircling it.

Anyway in the next few weeks it’s having a full tear down and I was wondering if anyone had a copy of the manual, preferably with a schematic?

I’ve no idea why the photo is on its side. I’ve tried 3 times to get it right way up with out success.


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I've got one of these, lovely bits of kit. Mine has a holder that takes 12" planer knives which is handy. They were sold by wadkin and Robinson until they made their own very similar versions. I don't think I have a manual but I might have a pamphlet on one
Thanks Wallace, I’d seen that Wadkin had listed something that looked like its twin, and wondered if they had been badged! Any information you have would be really appreciated.

I’d love to see your knife sharpening attachment. It would be a cool project to make one. I have a friend who uses standard knives on his PT.
Clearly very sheltered, but I’ve now joined the other forum and I’m have ing a nosey around it. Really appreciate the pointer, it looks to be a good site.
Whilst you are talking about good sites, it appears that whilst you are a member, you have not been into the woodhaven2 since oct 2014 ?
Do you know what? I’d totally forgotten all about that site. I will have a mooch through it. Thanks for that........clearly a sheltered life and now with senility to cope with as well! #-o