Hi from Adelaide, South Australia :-)


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6 Jul 2023
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Hello to all,

I'm from South Australia (promise I won't mention the Cricket :).....

I am new to woodworking but am a mechanical fitter by trade, and although I have not worked in the industry for many years, I do have the basic mechanical knowledge to do maintenance and manufacture items as needed.
I found my way here after purchasing a cheap TS-200 that was advertised on F/B Marketplace(equivalent to about $75 UK pounds) in my local area and was searching for information about it online. All the info point to it being an Axminster machine but was probably imported down under and under the 'LedaCraft' badge.
These forums were the first source of really great info I found, and I have been reading every thread I can about the TS-200 for the last couple of days. I'm hoping do carry out some of the basics to get it cleaned up, operating smoothly and properly aligned in the coming weeks... if we get some clear weather.
It didn't come with the DE in the pics and does not have a mitre guage but there was a basic cross-cut sled thrown in.

I have already picked up these 1200x250x33mm and 18mm hardwood boards which I need to rip down to size, in preparation to make some floating shelves (to finish off a bathroom reno), so that was the motivation to get the saw, as my old tabletop saw was not up to the task.
I feel like this could be a hobby that I am going to get move involved in once I begin. Looking forward to learning new things and getting stuck into this new adventure.


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