Help please: email to yahoo bounces....

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OK I think that I understand.

My webhost management software default is to bounce undeliverable field emails back to the user and puts '(recommended)' next to the option. If a spammer tries to get lucky inventing name@domain then it gets sent back. Except that it gets sent to the 'from' address which may be a lie put in by the spammer. So the email gets bounced to someone that never sent it.

A clever spammer can cause lots of these bounces to go to someone they dislike at no risk to themselves.

So some domains monitor this and if they detect this punish the victim in the middle for using the bounce setting. They do this by putting them on a blacklist for a period of time and not accepting mail from them. They are very snotty about it and want to charge you 85 euro to be taken of the list early. That was me. Probably.

So, I have changed my setting, so that undliverables are no longer bounced. I will happily live with being unable to mail yahoo addresses for another few weeks.

I have learnt a little, too, with the help of some good folk here.

Thanks. I hope this explanation helps someone else.