Help for changing headstock attatchment Record DML 24X

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26 Feb 2022
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Hello, new to turning and have acquired a Record DML 24X. I want to try and put the faceplate on to turn a bowl or two but can't work out how to do it. Any tips?
It should just screw on. If there is a thread protector on the spindle then that will need to be removed first. On the other hand if the face-plate is one that needs to be fitted with a chuck do you have the chuck. Do you have any photos which will show what you have and the machine
I started out turning on one of those lathes. As said faceplate should screw on. I also recomend the Keith Rowley book. I also started out with that book as I had a bit of luck and it was in a box of old tools that came with the lathe.
Anyhow bowls are for after you get the basics of using the tools.
The thread has a protector on but I couldn't get it off. I didn't want to push it too hard in case it was a keyless chuck. It turns out I wasn't giving it enough beans! I'll look at the book as well. Thanks for the help!