Hello from the south coast - my Intro.


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1 Jan 2024
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Isle of Portland, UK
Hi. Thanks for letting me to join. I think I could learn a lot here. I am retired, have decent sized, stone-built workshop building in the garden, which is finally, quite well organised. I enjoy ‘restoring’ tools, and have been lucky, as lots of carpentry and metal-working items have come my way at little or no expense. I only have basic related ‘YouTube-learned’ skills as I was a photographer by trade. Currently, when I’m not sidetracked improving my earlier refurbishments, I continue on other acquisitions: a wood lathe, all sorts of hand tools, a blast cabinet, strimmers, generator, welder, and Record vices of every description. This has turned out all very well and useful, but it wasn’t my original intention! Who knows, one day I might even get creative, and actually make something!

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