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The suicides die from the gun too.
But why even bother to look for excuses in such and appallingly insane scenario.

Yes, jacob, your justifications are the only ones worth bothering with.

Remove the suicides because the way you use the term is misleading. Gun violence implies that someone may do something violent to you. Suicides are out in that.

Take away drug-related and felony related shootings, and I believe we sorted through this before - somewhere around 1/5th to 1/10th of the gun deaths could "happen to you and me while we're just going about our business".

Context is important.

This is kind of like your BBC threads where you talk about all of the must watch stuff to be informed about. Imagine if you didn't watch those and you volunteered somewhere instead. Sort of like the hand wringing over the gun stuff - nobody here is going to have any regard for your opinion if you're not local.
Actually, never mind that I posted here. I don't really care either and I don't even have any guns. I figured earlier this week that I'd stay in the parts of forums where people make things, which means not the HT forum and not the opinion forums (the ukraine thing sucked me back in). If the threat of nuclear exchanges doesn't make clear why most of us here don't care about guns, I don't know what would.

And I do much prefer building things and solving problems building, especially tidy stuff like tools and guitars. Jacob - that sort of leaves you out.
John that's a serious collection you've got there !

Are you in the airgunforum ?

Hi Sam

Yes, I'm on the Airgunforum, Also on the BBS and several other Airgun forums (y)

I went yo the Vintage airgun fayre on sunday, Didn't stay long and resisted spending too much!

I only brought this 'Precision' air rifle by Oscar Will, It wouldn't push a pellet out of the barrel and the whole gun was very dull, Five mins with Mr Sheen later and half a dozen drops of 3 in 1 through the transfer port and it shoots (And looks!) lovely!!


John :)