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Phil Pascoe

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29 Jan 2012
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Shaft City, Mid Cornish Desert
Remarkable, considering the current constraints
Ordered from Arc Euro Trade late Monday night, an MT2 - JT6 arbor - delivered today.
Ordered from Toolpost yesterday morning, a face plate and four sets of jaws - delivered today.
Well done Royal Mail and DPD, also.
A plug for Toolpost - they have good discounts on their own faceplates and Axminster compatible/Versachuck jaws. I saved £59 (off list), plus I paid only one £7.95 P&P instead of the five I would have paid had I bought the jaws separately.
Ordered a Triton thicknesser from D&M Tools at 2:30pm a few days ago.
Order acknowledgement emailed within minutes.
Despatch notice and invoice emailed within the hour.
Item received at 10:30 next morning.
That's how to win customers!
Pretty much everything I have ordered over the last few weeks has taken 2-3 working days before they even dispatch it.

Not complaining - I know things are understandably slower. Just saying.
Ah, you're just saying that now to pretend you don't have a bigger pillar drill than everyone else now so we don't feel jealous :lol:

I expected to wait a few days for this stuff. The couriers make a difference - Toolpost use DPD, which are expensive but quick. I had two deliveries of foodstuffs from the same place, ordered a week apart (both dispatched quickly) and delivered on consecutive days - one Parcelforce, one Royal Mail. The Parcelforce one sat in two depots for four days. Hermes are fantastic here, but dire a mile or so up the road.
I once ordered a left-handed tape-measure from Toolpost. I can't remember why I needed one, I'm not left-handed.
I got an email from Peter to say that it had been dispatched, and to say Hello to Kitty over the garden wall.
OK, I'll bite, even if it was a hedge rather than a wall.
Turns out that my next-door-neighbour was his mother-in-law.