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Jiim if you want posh. I think contrasting hardwood plugs over very carefully measured and spaced screws is extremely impressive, But each to his own.

If youre going to use filler, you MUST make sure its flexible to expand and contract with the wood, or it will all fall out within a years seasonal cycle.
As Bob says filler tends to get pushed out/fall out over time, screws and wood plugs are the way to go even if painting.

If you use the same material for the plugs as the boarding you know it should act the same.

Don't know if it's me overthinking it but I always think the plug shouldn't bottom out on to the screw because if the board shrinks the plug might get pushed out by the screw head.
Doug, looking at that problem from the other direction... an air gap will cause expansion and contraction under the plug with temp changes. (hammer)
But i think we're in the realms of" it dont matter" :roll: :roll: :D :D :D
I bought the Erbauer plug cutter and countersink set from screwfix. Had a few reviews saying it was a bad fit with loose plugs. I used it in the drill press and it’s been great. If you decide to go that route!

Cheers Fitz, I have those same cutters. I have found it hard to keep the drill square though. Using a drill press sounds like a great idea - I don’t have one but could try it using my mortiser’s drill.