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17 May 2016
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Hi all

I'm turning my garage into a workshop and just want to double check a couple of things before I put any walls up.

The garage is attached to the house on one side and the other side is my neighbours garage, so no wall apart from the rear is exposed to the elements. My initial plan was leave a gap to make a cavity and then use 2x4's with a vapour barrier on the back and PIR insulation inbetween then plasterboard it. However, reading up, some people have suggested putting the vapour barrier in-between the plasterboard and insulation?
Also with the two side walls protected from rain etc can I just batten the insulation straight to the wall? and then for the rear wall that is exposed leave a gap?

I might possibly insulated the floor but haven't decided yet and I am also installing a warm roof in a couple of weeks.