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Garage and boot sale haul.


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23 Dec 2010
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First from a boot sale a big rip saw. No name, but looks very well made and with a thick blade of 28 inches. Lovely condition for £1.00

Same boot sale a 10 inch brass back saw, with a hideous plastic handle. Perfectly straight with a really heavy brass back. Cant see any name. Cost £1.00. I've been looking for a nice back saw for a while to make a handle for. I have a fantastic block of Lacewood and hope to use that.

Garage sale, nice brace, very well made, huge chunky chuck. 12 inch swing, rosewood handles, only thing I can see on it is "Skinner 1977 PO" stamped into the metal handle, price £2.00. Also got a Saw file, triangular, but is very wide and comes to a very fine edge for 50p