floating shelves in awkward alcoves


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30 Jun 2022
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Hi all,

Have got a job coming up that requires floating shelves in 2 alcoves. One of them has walls splaying outwards away from finished face (so won't be able to push onto battens fixed to walls as I would normally do). On the other side theres a wall nib which is not perpendicular to the wall and the shelves need to span continuosly over this (drawings attached). The shelves will be veneered MDF.

Has anybody got any ideas for supporting the shelves on the first alcove...are there brackets which can fix when you drop down the shelf into position for instance? Or will it need to be constructed as 2 leaves around a framework, fixed in position?

On the second I was thinking of constructing in 2 parts and applying a solid lipping once in place. An alternative might be to notch out the identified section, push onto battens, then infill the small remaining triangle offcut somehow (drawn on plan).

Any advice greatly/experience appreciated!



  • alcoves 2 plan.png
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I assume by 'two leaves and a framework' you are meaning running a batten all round the walls and then lowering a shaped shelf onto them, an additional batten at the front of the shelf would stop any bowing, and then covered from below too.

I think that is probably how I would approach it