Fixing studs in an old oak door

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AJB Temple

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13 Oct 2015
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Tunbridge Wells
I have refurbished an old studded oak panelled door that came from the side entrance of a castle. It was missing the studs and I have bought some forged ones.

I tried gluing these in with epoxy, which to my surprise has never set properly ( I did this weeks ago) and the studs are loose. The holes are a tad oversized for the stud spikes.

I will remove all the studs and ream out the holes. Any advice please for a quick setting and permanent adhesive. The door is hung now so am fitting the studs back in with vertical orientation.

Thanks, AJ
I had considered that and tried it on a couple of holes. Not secure enough as the forged pins are fairly short and quite broad near the stud.
if the stud completely covers the hole and the play in the hole is big enough what about car body filler, I've used this in similar situations and it has held up well
Personally I'd plunge rout to the bare minimum OD of the existing holes to the nearest size oak dowel you can get thats smaller than the head size of the stud. Cut a small groove in each dowel for the glue/ct1 to escape. Fit the dowels slighty shorter than the holes. Then punge the holes again for the studs. Dab of ct1 in the holes then hammer in the studs.
Not saying its the only way... :D
I ended up doing this pretty much the way BM suggested, having first resprayed and baked all the studs (as they went rusty in double quick time with the paint as supplied).
Thanks Bourbon. As above, job done now. Photos were in an earlier thread actually. But thanks for taking an interest.

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