Finally opened my workshop doors.

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22 Jun 2014
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Hi Everyone,
First I like to thank everyone for their lovely comments over what seems like a lifetime and much appreciated, health wise i got the all clear from the hospital which is a massive relief and still working on my grey matter but today i finally opened my workshop doors and boy is it messy apparently at some stage the roof has leaked and plenty of rusty tools to clean up including my bandsaw table but its a start and hope to be finishing a few jobs i started in 2018/19 (no point rushing lol) I hope everyone is doing well and sorry for not replying personally to your messages but hopefully i will be able to help anyone.....I'm a bit rusty too but can just about remember how to do Intarsias. I had a quick browse on the forum earlier and spotted an absolutely brilliant Wildlife Forest Intarsia superb work and its been on my to do list for years. I still haven't finished the giant Clydesdales/cart project but once i have finished another custom one (Eagle attacking a Fox) One of my customers took a superb unusual photo and I am doing an Intarsia of it....still lots to do but I have made a start. Right will sod off before i start waffling but just like to say big hello and glad to be back:) Cheers Brian
Googles Intarsia.... OMG!

I don't know if he'll do it or not Adam, but if he does upload some examples, just wait until you see some of his Intarsia pix - wildlife, motorbikes, etc, etc. Top class IMHO.
Welcome back Claymore. I for one have missed you mate - well, missed your brilliant Intarsia work anyway! :)
Glad to be back Andy, off out to buy some cleaning materials to make a start on the workshop also got a guy coming to see about sorting the leaks out, from what i could see using my drone the birds have pulled the thick rubber sealing washers that were under the bolts holding the roof on so the water has got in there. Will do some browsing of the forums to see what goodies people have been creating, saw a few last night and still as amazing work being done in home workshops. Cheers and take care
Awesome to have you back Claymore, I'm sure you'll be back up to making some fantastic stuff soon. I hope the gallery are still around and able to sell your creations now the lockdown is over

Know how good it is to get the all clear so very well done fella
I am so glad you are back on here with us Brian.

Now I don't want to embarrass Brian and many members here will be well aware of his skills but for any people here who are perhaps recent members I just want to tell you what a decent and indeed very clever fellow he is.

Just a few short years ago our lovely German Shepherd dog Max passed away at a young age and Brian very kindly sent me a lovely piece of his work and it sits proudly on my fireplace mantle-piece. It is made out of Acrylic and I have added a picture of this below so all can see the magnificence of his work.

Welcome back Claymore.

img20211018_10164879 (Medium).jpg
Welcome back Brian. I am pleased you are clear on the health front and glad to see taking an interest in the craft again. I reckon your best piece was the Bulldog (was it Acrylic ?)
take care and stay safe
Don W

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