Finally got a TUIT!!

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Warning - this is an unashamed gloat as I finally got around to following the advice I gleaned from Rob Cosman's video and tried to make

a houndstooth dovetail :shock: (mahogany and beech is you're interested)



This is my first attempt and I am pretty chuffed with it. Next project will be a jewellery box with the corners joined using..... :-k

Alf, you'll be pleased to hear that no power tools were use on this one :wink:

Ohh, my advice when cutting dovetails is to check that your thinnest chisel will fit in the base of the tails BEFORE you make the saw cuts :oops: :oops:
That looks great Tony. Those pins sure are thin!! I can see I will have to try hand cutting dovetails, you guys are making me feel very inadequate.

Tony, first class, a really classy job. You should be proud of yourself.


thanks guys!!

No WIP I'm afraid - never crossed my mind :oops: and I wasn't sure I could actually cut the joint!

When I make the box (somtime this week if all goes well) I'll try to remember the camera

How many times did you dry-fit that joint?

Very skillfully done.

Tony, they look great 8) - good work =D>

Think I'll be getting a couple of Rob's DVD's now :D
Very nice indeed Tony! Excellent stuff.
You should be proud - I most certainly would be if I could manage something like that!
Good advice on the chisels! I have a new set that goes down to 1/8", so I should be OK if I ever feel brave enough to give this a try.
very purty...

I take it, for the shorter doofahs (I always get the pins and the tails mixed up, so we'll stock with doofahs) you cut em as normal, then chop em down in their prime?
looks great tony, u have far too much time on your hands =P~
Gill":2zumgoc9 said:

How many times did you dry-fit that joint?

Very skillfully done.


Thanks Gill :wink:
No test fits :) Rob Cosman is very adamant that a joint only goes together well the first time. I did spend a little time with a chisel paring it here and there until I was happy it would fit first try.

Cosman believes in saw-to-saw joints with no fine tuning :shock: [-X

Chris I think the main thing from Cosman is the cutting so that you split the line (avoids the need for paring) and the layout with a marking gauge. He scores the layout lines nice and deeply so that the chisel registers really well.

Despite the ongoing debate about whether one should use a sharp pencil or a marking knife to lay out joints, Cosman uses a normal ball-point pen :p

Philly, definitely registered with the metal hammer :lol:
Tony - that beech looks like maple!
Would love to see WIP pics of your next project if you get the chance!

I did wonder about that. The side looks very beech-like but the face says maple to me. Pretty hard wood too.

Would maple have the sort of speckled appearance one gets with beech on the side of the board?

very nice :) what dovetail saw did you use? at the tools show cosman said that the LN dovetail made all the difference.


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