Festool RO150 for sanding veneer?


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19 Feb 2013
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I've got a lowly palm sander that seen better days and am willing to spend to get one sander to take care of all tasks from heavy material removal to polishing.

I like what I have seen and read on the Festool rotex 150.

However, it's first task would be light sanding of oak veneered MDF for finishing and varnish.

Should I aim for something less heavy handed and save for the rotex at a later date, or does the rotex donl it all?

It will be fine. There would be better tools for that one first job, but to do that and then do the rest of the things you mention, there is no equal.
I used my rotex for years sanding veneered boards and no problems....... I eventually got a ETS EC which is more comfortable for light sanding but no good for fast removal.

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I use the Rotex 90 and 150, for the purposes you mention, its a bit heavier than the ETS, but the mechanism (except the geared mode) is the same if you opt for the ETS with 5mm stroke. personally if your planning to do everything with one tool, it can't be beaten. Its also why god invented speed control :)
I had the Rotex 150 and sold it on after 12 months and bought the Mirka Deros 150. The Mirka may not be the beast for rapid removal, but for absolutely everything else I find it beats the Rotex hands down. It’s half the weight of the Rotex and the speed control is better. The paddle switch took a bit of getting used to, but I’d never go back to the Rotex. I have many Festool tools, but this one for me wasn’t the best for most sanding and polishing jobs.

If you can see and test a Deros, try for yourself.
I agree with above re Mirka v Rotex and I have had both. Mirka is capable of shifting quite a lot if you use a course grit, but course Abranet pads do wear out quite fast. Mirka far more comfortable to use for long periods.

I know some people don't like the Mirka paddle. I find it excellent though. The only thing that bugs me is the power socket connection is hard to get at when vac hose is plugged in.
Does it have to be a Festool, maybe you already have the system.

Maybe also have a look at similar from Bosch, under £300.

Bosch GET 75-150

I would post a link to Amazon but system says I cannot post links.
Got the RO150. Happy with the decision! Absolutely no issue when speed turned down and in orbit mode. Love the dust extraction, already had the CT mini. The fact that it doubles up as a polisher is a real bonus.

The tool is nicely balanced and I haven't had an issue using it in terms of weight.

Just need to start getting some paper and the various backing pads now.