Face frame kitchens.....whats the best way to attach em?


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17 Sep 2011
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Generally Ive used battens down the sides and top / bottom as required

The house style Ive tended to use is a 1mm reveal on the inside of the cabinet, a 25mm reveal on the outside -stick the frame on with 15mm battens and that leaves 10mm space for a side cheek where its required.

What do kitchen manufacturers or makers who do cabinets all the time use? -do they use something like cam fittings?

Ive used dominofix which works ok but a bit fiddly

15 years ago I used pocket holes with the kreg jig. I had no idea what I was doing, though, as it was pre internet (at least in my house, anyway).
Dominoes, glued to the frames. A countersunk screw hole in the carcass. It works very well and is removable.
that's a fresh idea for dominoes! I've used brads and pocket holes. I like short mortice and tenons on face frame corners as it stops the joint showing (with plenty of glue)
I've never tried that, but it looks like it would work well

It's very popular over in the States.
I had no tools, less idea, couldn't speak the language to buy wood, screws etc, but I had a book - "Make kitchens like a pro". It worked out pretty well, so I can certainly recommend pocket holes. Quick, and mostly accurate. Not "real" woodwork, but it is a real kitchen.
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We biscuit our frames onto the carcass and then use a pocket hole between each biscuit. No glue in case it needs to come apart. For the frame joints we use dominos, clamp and put a few brads in from the back, this way the clamps can come straight off.
Pocket holes when they won't be seen, glue and clamps where pocke holes won't work. Biscuts for alignment.

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