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Even more chisel stuff!


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Tony Spear

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6 Apr 2006
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Hinton Waldrist
I originally put this in chippy1970's post, but I thought that it possibly run its course, so here it is again!

A neighbour of mine asked me if I would look after his dog whilst he was away with his Wife in their Camper van.

In order to thank me, he gave me a four piece chisel set that he'd bought on his holiday.

They're by Abraham Dietrichs & Co. of Wuppertal (good sign there!) and the packaging describes them as "Ripping Chisels". They're bevel edged but very thick below the bevel, and although the blades are tapered in thickness, they're much thicker than my Marples . They've got Ash handles and lower and upper ferrules.
I've measured the width and they are all pretty much spot-on, they've only got a primary bevel of about 30 degrees and all the surfaces are very good, the face is absolutely spot on and highly polished. The thick bevel means that they would be totally useless as Dovetail chisels or any other fine work. Although I don't have the total metallurgy, the markings on the back say they are "Chrome Vanadium Steel ADW". I'm familiar with this description when used for mechanics tools, but woodwork?
I'm assuming that these are somewhere between a conventional chisel and a mortice chisel and should be honed and used for chopping out duties when a bloody good Welt is required.

Anybody know anything about these?