epoxy colouring


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What are you using it on Phil? I have mixed it with stuff before, anything from coffee to toner cartridge. I have also painted the item behind it and used clear.
Minute amounts on the ends of pen blanks. I've one where the drill drifted a little on the start, and it occurred to me that if I filled any gap before any further work it would be easier - the chance of anything actually showing is small, but for the sake of filling it first the risk of its showing wouldn't exist. I much prefer epoxy to CA. Thinking ahead a bit, really.
I would mix with something powdery to hand- coffee grounds are as good as anything. mix it with the resin before adding the hardener.

not sure if you are onto acrylics yet, but there are 2 schools of thought with these- paint the tubes, or back paint the hole in the blank. I prefer the latter, or to do both.