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ENDED :Ve Black & Decker Industrial / Pro Finish Sander 110V


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26 Dec 2017
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United Kingdom
I got tired of moving this around so I've stripped it for parts and it's no longer available. Thanks for looking.

This is an interesting little orbital finish sander.
It's in full working order, tough as old boots and dates back over 30 years to the days when Black & Decker made a professional range of tools. Despite it's age, my money would be on this to outlast any of their current B&D or DeWalt models.
It's no longer available but have a look at the photos to see how B&D used to be able to make a really good tool.
I used to use pre-punched paper with this but it comes with an interesting little accessory that lets you punch the extraction holes in any paper you care to use. Roll your own. Obsolescence proof :)

Finish sander_2.jpg

Finish sander.jpg

Finish sander_8.jpg

Finish sander_6.jpg

Finish sander_9.jpg

Finish sander_10.jpg


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Hi there,
Is this still available please?
If so, can you tell me the size of the base plate?

Definitely interested but depends on size

Many thanks