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FTAGH Elliot Borer/mill (now gone)


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19 Dec 2019
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As part of the great workshop clearout, and to make space for the new mill, i am giving away, yup free to a good home my Elliot Borer/mill, i have used this for a few years as a small mill for basic surfacing and drilling, its a bit tired and probably needs some tlc but everything is operational. Currently its 3PH but can easily be converted to single phase as no control electronics.

its heavy but i can give you help loading it into a trailer or van.
That's extremely generous.

I'd absolutely love it but there are plenty of people who would be able to collect easier and quicker than me. And by my own admission I'm not a regular contributor to the forum so probably don't fall into the "good home" category.

If by some miracle somebody else doesn't step in please let me know.
That would be a brilliant machine to help Sideways and I give life to other machines. Would love to have it, we would do a restore thread on it as a way of giving backl
its done me proud over the years, and time for it to help out a fellow maker in need,
i forgot to say that it has an er32 chuck fitted and comes with a set of er32 collets.
again glass scales are fitted on the XY and Z axis but i'll be keeping the DRO readout, these are fairly cheap off EB
As a borer it has really accurate autostop on the Z autofeed,
i'm a bit pushed for time as im travelling quite a bit currently but early next week would suit me, first person to confirm pick up takes it away, and with a bit of fettling would make an excellent small mill with many years of good service left in her, and its fairly small so not a lot of room needed.
i'm between Shrewsbury and Witchurch.
I will pickup when ever you want me to be there, and you would be welcome to come and use it when you find you have need of it again, being only up the road from you.
Can I get in line aswell, lovely bit of kit would jump in the van tomorrow if the others let you down. New to machining so alot of machine for a novice but I'd put it to work
If by some miracle this isn't already snapped up, please could I go on the list?!
Dominic Chinea (bloke with beard on Repair Shop) has just acquired Bridgeport similar machine - YT video this afternon. He'd have bitten your hand off.