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15 Nov 2007
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Afternoon all

I've aquired a mouse in the house. His days are numbered, but I am thinking about electronic repellants for the future.

Does anyone have any experience of these things?

Do they work?


Soon after moving into our house last June we found a mouse. I caught it myself with a bucket and a piece of stiff card, then released it the far end of the garden.

Our cat was useless; the little git actually ran away from Micky!
We tried one a few years back, no effect at all

Stop up holes, lay poison in out of the way places on runs if possible

Keep food contained and and crumbs etc tidied up

The usual attraction is food, take away the food and they don't bother

Deejay":63taa77c said:
Afternoon all

I've aquired a mouse in the house. His days are numbered, but I am thinking about electronic repellants for the future.

Does anyone have any experience of these things?

Do they work?


When we had a few young cats and a cat flap the cats would bring mice into the house, via the catflap now removed, and after playing with them for a while get fed up and leave them to crawl under and then into the kitchen units. Mouse traps, the breakback type, were the most effective. I have never tried the ultrasonic type as I have never heard a good report about them.
It is tricky to know if they work, but easier to know when they don't. We occasionally (say 4 times per year) get a mouse in the boiler room, presumably for the warmth. I can't discover how they get in so I have traps there and over the years I have also tried 3 different electronic repellents. When I get a mouse in a trap next to an electronic repellent I can conclude that the repellent doesn't do a good job. If I get no evidence of mice is that just a normal "non-mouse" period or did the device really repel them? No way to tell.
Of the 3 types I have tried I believe 2 are definitely useless. I am undecided about the 3rd type, but am tempted to believe it does some good. I do wonder if the mice simply get used to a device and after a while ignore it even if it does deter them initially.
We have/had mice in the roof space and I wanted to get rid of them so purchased a few traps and in talking to the sales staff decided to buy a small ‘repeller’.

When I was baiting and placing the traps for reasons best known to myself I put one right next to the repeller. This was the first trap to be sprung so in my humble opinion they’re rubbish!

Don’t think they make a blind bit of difference.

Regular baiting with a good bait (peanut butter very effective) and emptying sprung traps is far more effective.
Last year I bought a Pest Bye advanced rat and mouse repeller because we had mice in the attic and mice in the void between the living room ceiling and the bedroom above. I think its a brilliant bit of kit and works really well. I cant hear anything now scratching around either in the attic or the void and it was very noticeable prior to its use. I have now moved it into my business workshop which is circa 900 square feet and its doing fine there as well. Highly recommended and only about 25quid if I recall.

Hi - I prefer to see visible evidence (i.e. corpses) of effective anti-mouse precautions. For me, the only way to control mice is a 'little nipper' baited with peanut butter or nutella (i.e. vegetable fat). Cheers, W2S
I believe mice will find their way back if released less than three miles from home. Can't imagine how they might find their way back, but that is what I read on the web the last time I caught a mouse. But then you can't believe everything you read online either.

Afternoon all

Thanks for the replies.

I think I'll go down the lethal mousetrap route for a while until I get a couple of weeks with no evidence of their presence.

I'll try a bit harder to find any entry points and block them up.

If they return, I'll consider an electronic gizmo, once the replacements are gone, to keep them out.


Electronic scarers dont work. The animal might jump the first time it trips the ultrasonic, but in very short time it will find out exactly how to get around the thing.
Plus of course, you might have a deaf mouse.
After finding mouse droppings in my workshop, I bought a humane mouse trap which caught them alive so they could be released near somebody else's workshop. After around 3 months, and regular checks, nothing. After around 9 months, and forgotten about, one very dead and dried up mouse. :oops:
The original part of our house is 150+ years old with stone walls and mice are getting in through gaps that I can't find. Once in they run around freely behind the plasterboard strapping. We're not overrun with them but the noise is distracting and there are not really any places where traps can be laid - they don't come into the house, they're just in the walls. I've considered ultrasonic repellants but haven't seen any good reviews. We have two cats who patrol the outside and do a good job at keeping the hordes at bay but obviously one or two get through seeking a warm place for the winter. It must be the warmth they want because there's no food available in the walls. I thought about poison - maybe taking out electrical sockets and sliding the bait into the void - but I'm concerned that an undead but poisoned mouse could find it's way back outside (apparently the poison causes a raging thirst so they need water desperately) and one of our feline friends could catch and eat it, with fatal consequences for both!

Not sure what the answer is. We live in a very rural area so console ourselves that they 'come with the territory'. It would be good if the ultrasonic things worked but I haven't seen positive proof that they do after 3 years of living with and researching the problem.
Some of my mousetraps... and they NEVER need resetting.

I have run an ultrasonic device for some years in a storage area that is heated and dehumidified. Bait is also put down we definitly have less mice or rat activity than other areas baised on consumption of the same bait and damage to goods.

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