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7 Feb 2022
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Hi all,
I have a Charnwood W691 dust extractor on order so I'm looking for advice on 100mm rigid/flexi piping and reducers etc.

My bandsaw and belt/disc sander both have 63mm ports but the table saw is around 50mm'ish (Metabo TS254M). My mitre saw is around 40mm so I was wondering how the extractor will cope with such restricted pipe sizes. Will these tools work with an extractor designed to use 100mm?

Many thanks
Extractors with 100 mm outlets imo don’t work when reduced to below this diameter. Small diameter tools work best with a shop vac eg a Henry or similar + a cyclone . I know other members have more experience in this field but I spoke with someone from Axminster on this and was told it wouldn’t work on any of their 100 mm outlet extractors. I’ve a regular vac + cyclone for small tools and a large twin motor newmactic for my bandsaw/ table saw . It’s something to do with hplv/ lvhp but others hopefully with more experience will advise you further. 🤗🤗
Thanks James. I have a Festool shop vac under the Mitre saw bench so I might try to route some 32mm or 38mm waste pipe up the wall, across the ceiling and down to the bandsaw, sander and table saw.
Thanks, so I'm guessing your bandsaw/table saw both have 100mm outlets?
My bandsaw is 100mm but my jobsite tablesaw is approx 65 mm my portable planer is around 63 mm I have a 100mm hose as per jameshow reduced to 63mm at the last point just before it enters the numatic nv750 . When I use the planer I will only remove 0.5 - 1.0 mm per pass . The 750 is also connected to a cyclone and apart from needing a stronger collection bin it works fine . Because I do a fair bit of work away from my workshop both of my extractors are portable along with the t/saw and planer . Had a issue with my small vac recently and thought the original dust bag and filter were probably full but they were as new -everything goes into the cyclone and then into the collection bin , a ceiling mounted air filter takes care of most of the fine dust in the workshop from hand sanding and sawing etc .