Dust extraction - bandsaws


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If I open the doors at both ends of the garage I create a wind tunnel which can often clear the air at gale force speeds.
I have a Numatic NV750 which, I see, Axminster Tools sell for a much higher price than I paid. I have several adaptors for table saw, band saw thicknesser etc, and it copes well. I am in the habit of doing the dusty stuff at the end of day to allow the dust to settle. This one can be used with, or without, dust bags which come as a pack of 10 for £12. This suits my hobby use.
I have used the Axminster NVD750 on my Record BS400 bandsaw. Bought it new from Axminster and mainly because the filteration is so good. Connected with a 4" hose and it works extreemly well. It may be more than you want to pay, as they are rather expensive, but good equipment is worth the cost. Picture here on the right. The other one is the Festool Midi CTL 26E also a great extractor. Will be selling both to be advertised soon, .as I am selling up all my equipment.


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