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24 Apr 2014
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Hi All,
After watching a recent paul Sellers video (I know he divides opinion) I was going to pick up a hammer for joinery which had a rubber face on one side and something more solid on the other but when looking I havent come across many. I have seen some in the US and a few on ebay and the like for about £50. Does anyone know where i can find a sensibly priced hammer? I was expecting to pay more like £5-£10.
Thanks for that Paddy. I have bought one of these and the dark grey nylon face is fairly soft but not quite rubber. So I was hoping to go one better and get a proper rubber face on one side. I might just have to have a seperate rubber hammer at this rate, I know ThorHammers also do a rubber faced hammer.
I have a thorex hammer that I use with my chisels but it has the white nylon on both faces, I have seen the faces sold separately ( http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Thor-Hammer-6 ... 1569991443 )and have been meaning to get a rubber one for assembly, however I already have a rubber mallet so it has never been a priority, and to be honest I usually use the nylon face with a piece of wood between the work and the mallet. My local car spares shop (google "Car Spares Cheshunt") sell hammers with nylon on one face and rubber on the other for panel beaters. They have an online shop.

Just did an ebay search for panel beaters mallet and found http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-45mm-PANE ... 58c8ecfa19
Hope it helps, Paddy

Edit, that rubber face looked cheap at £2.93 but £5.95 postage is waaaay to much. There are plenty other suppliers on the bay. Paddy
Thanks for the help guys. I phoned up Thorex and they do one rubber hammer but it is rubber on both faces. The softest other face they do is the dark grey one. Apparently the rubber faces cant be screwed in to most of their hammers as a rubber thread wouldnt work so if you want Thorex with a rubber face it has to be a hammer with both faces taking a push fit rubber face.

The panel beater hammers are an interesting suggestion, I'll do some digging and see what I can find.
Just once or twice I have picked up a cheap rubber mallet and used it to knock joints together. It was the sort sold in camping shops for knocking in tent pegs. Made in China, black rubber, widely available for a couple of quid.

The trouble was, if I hit hard with it it just bounced off and the cheap rubber left black marks on the wood. So not ideal for the purpose. I now have a mallet made of rolled up rawhide which I bought on eBay, though I believe they are still available new. It's much better for woodworking, in my experience.
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AndyT":7mwjmu0t said:
I now have a mallet made of rolled up rawhide which I bought on eBay, though I believe they are still available new. It's much better for woodworking, in my experience.

+1, great minds and all that...


Heavy enough, while gentle on delicate chisel handle, bless 'em.

+2. I have a Thor hammer with one hide face and one wooden (the wooden face was home-made, not sure if you can buy them). The hide face is perfect for knocking joints together, much better than a rubber hammer. The wooden face I tend to use for adjusting my wooden planes.
I have a heavy duty THOR hammer with rawhide on one side, and solid copper on the other. Its almost a club hammer though, I woudnt want to use it a thousand times an hour with a chisel.