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14 Dec 2016
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hi here a few things I have done over the last week, I am posting this as my saw is going back to axminster on Friday for repairs, arm wont stay up,on off switch problems , speed regulator problems, pegas head screw thread almost shot, and vibs it is virtually vib free free running but as soon as I start cutting even 1/2 inch stuff it goes off the rikter scale, I asked them to just send me a replacement saw but that fell on stony ground. The angel is off a pattern by Botas helder, all the reindeer and rabbit are from pintrest the 8 sided box and mouse are off Steve goods site ,the attempted spiral is off a you tube video, and the castle is my own design.


  • IMG_0322 angel 2.jpg
    IMG_0322 angel 2.jpg
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  • IMG_0323reindeers 2.jpg
    IMG_0323reindeers 2.jpg
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  • IMG_0328 box 2.jpg
    IMG_0328 box 2.jpg
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  • IMG_0324 mouse 1.jpg
    IMG_0324 mouse 1.jpg
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  • IMG_0329 mini reindeer 2.jpg
    IMG_0329 mini reindeer 2.jpg
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  • IMG_0325 castle 2.jpg
    IMG_0325 castle 2.jpg
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  • IMG_0326 spiral 2.jpg
    IMG_0326 spiral 2.jpg
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  • IMG_0327 spiral3.jpg
    IMG_0327 spiral3.jpg
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