Dog tennis ball thrower

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Mrs C

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3 Jan 2016
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United kingdom
A few years ago I saw a video clip where someone had made a tennis ball thrower, but now I can’t find it!

The thing was attached to a fence, the dog was trained to drop the ball in the top then jump on a paddle/lever which propelled the ball out again. Hours of endless fun while human watches sitting drinking wine!

There are lots of ideas for electrically propelled versions, but I can’t find a manual one.

Has anyone got any plans before I try to recreate it?
As you say, there are quite a few electrically powered ones like this:

The prime mover for a lot of these seems to be an old car wiper motor and car battery.

I guess instead of the electric mechanisms you could use an arrangement of weights and pulleys to provide the power? This sort of idea maybe:

If I were going to make one I might use compressed air to launch the ball, with an optical or microswitch trigger.

Cheers, W2S