Digital Caliper for £10

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How accurate for £10??????????

Be aware that digital does not neccesarily equate to accurate, it merely refers to the type of display device used in this instance .

I would check the percentage error specs in the paperwork inside the box before buying

Still at £10 who'd complain if it were 0.5mm out over 100mm?


Its also worth holding them up to the light to see if the Jaws close tightly or not. I recently saw some cheap ones at a tool sale......the jaws were like bananas :shock:

Cheers SP.
I have only a cheap Draper manual one, so this can only be an improvement considering the price, I'll try to get one if they come to Ireland too.
Well, I drove over to my local Lidl in Camberley this morning and arriving at 10:30 was told they'd all sold out :(

Was also informed that the Farnham branch had sold out as well.

Oh well, such is life....

expect they'll be appearing on eBay on a computer near you soon....

Hi All,

I also tried two of my local Lidl branches without success, on telephoning Lidl for telephone numbers of shops a little further afield I was told all Lidl stores are ex directory, what a way to do business, why keep your phone number secret from potential customers?

Has anyone found any of the Digital Calipers available in Lidl stores?
On the subject of ex directory phone numbers .... at least one of the big electrical chains (I think it's Comet) has no mechanism for you to speak to staff in the store on the telephone !
I went round to my local Lidl yesterday to pick up one of these, only to be told that some bar steward had been in at 10 past 9 and bought up the 20 that they had in stock!

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