Dewalt DWE7485-GB - Table Saw

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1 Nov 2020
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Does anyone have that tool?

I am considering getting it, but I'd love to know some intricate dimensions because I'm going to be integrating it into a workbench design I am working on. There is not much info other than the standard stock info.
I got one recently and like it so far.
Here are some dimensions. Let me know if you want others.

Height from bottom to top surface (not counting blade or fence): 325mm

Top surface width x depth: 485 x 485mm

Full width x depth, counting the fence rails and nubs that extend on each corner of the top surface: 585 x 585mm

The blade's arbor is about 275mm from the left edge of the table top and 265mm from the front edge.

Btw I've attached a photo of a mobile cart I made for it. I also realized the saw's fence can be turned around, so I added a small router table on the right side and use the fence for that as well. The black surface is the worktop from my neighbor's old kitchen. I need to add mitre tracks to it so my mitre gauge can slide through far enough.

This is great, thanks very much. Those dimensions are perfect for me to work with. One other thing, which side do the power come from, and also the dust extraction?
The power is on the left side, but the cord is long enough to easily stretch to the other side. In my photo you can actually see it coming out the side near the front corner.

There are 2 dust ports: the main one from below the blade is on the back of the saw in the center, and there's also a small port attached to the back of the blade guard.
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@RainAndSun, i dont suppose you have any other pictures of that bench do you? im thinking of doing away with my main bench due to lack of space and a version of this could work really well
Here are some more photos. I used a bunch of scrap wood and it's not too precise, except on top so that the side and out feeds are flush with the saw top.
- The casters all lock, both the rolling movement and their spinning around the up-down axis.
- The saw is screwed to ply, and the ply is attached to the cart by thumb screws, which you can see in one photo. This means you can easily remove the saw and take it somewhere if you need to. You can also put thin spacers under the ply to raise the saw top and make it flush with the side and out feed tables.
- The router table is also removable and you can put spacers underneath the supports to make it flush with the out feed table.
I have a similar DeWalt table saw, may be previous model to yours and find it invaluable when working on site. It really is a great little table saw and just about light enough to throw in the back of the van. Don't know how I managed before getting it.