DeWalt DWE625 router issue question

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7 Nov 2018
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west yorks
Good afternoon.

I'm curious as to whether anyone has a dewalt DWE 625 or similar with this (see picture) type of depth stop adjustor and lock)

We are really struggling to lock the depth guide sufficiently tightly using the small black plastic knob in the middle of the depth guide adjustor. Even when tightened to a "normal" level it slips - needs to go to "crazy tight" to hold - which doesn't seem right.

We've got a few other older dewalt routers and they have a different type of depth guide lock - no problems in the past. This one is only a few months old. Anyone else got one or experienced similar?

Many thanks in advance

Thankds in advance


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down graded due to cost cutting........send it back and either swap it for another make or get ur money returned......
my old Dewalt router has all metal clamping but compared to my Hitachi/Makita it's garbage.....
My Dw gets used to trim up ally untill it loss.............
After a lengthy on line exchange with Stanley/B&D/Dewalt I was asked to return the router for repair. I did so and have just got it back un-touched......

Handwritten note says: "known design issue. currently under investigation. Recommend tighten clamp with pliers..."

So a £389 router is not fit for purpose. (Ive tried using pliers and 1) it is quite difficult and time consuming 2) I think it will break with continued plier application 3) I don't want to!

I've now got the task of persuading Wickes that they sold me a router that was not fit for purpose and that the responsibility for replacement or refund is theirs...... I havent made it easy for myself because I originally bought it as a replacement for an old DeWalt in a router table but because the new ones have an NVR it could not be used. As such I didn't use it for 6 months so different consumer protection applies I believe.

So - avoid DeWalt DWE 625 KT - and maybe DeWalt in general if this is how they support a deffectively designed product...


PS I probably have 10 DeWalt tools
PPS I'm getting as Festool router..
That's preposterous from Dewalt.

Did you pay using a credit card? If so and Wickes try to wriggle out of it you can fall back on Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act and let your credit card company sort it with them.