Delta 46 255 lathe replacement belt needed

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30 Nov 2019
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Hi all love the site, I've recently bought a delta 46 255 wood lathe im looking to replace the belt its the same as a jet jwl 1236, fox f46 255, and i believe from other posts the axminster awvsl 900, so i thought getting a belt would be easy but i have spent days looking and it seems that there are no belts available for any of them in the uk could any of you kind people point me in the right direction please and thanks
Have you still got the old one if so take it to a auto factors and see if they can match it, you will probably find it cheaper than if you could get one from a lathe supplier.
Hi yes i thought of that but im not 100% sure its the completely correct belt in there at the moment it just doesnt seem to fit correctly and even if it is then it has stretched which means it will be difficult to measure correctly..
I have exactly the same lathe.
I replaced the belt a few years ago but bought two.
I have just had a look at the spare,it is marked 0-560.
In the notes I wrote on the instruction manual I wrote this number but added to it, reads
0-560-08. Cannot remember why.

Edit: found the receipt and here is where I got it from ... ccessories

Receipt says they were £2.98 each but that was in 2008 so they have gone up a bit!
Christ yeah they have gone up lol but ordered one now tbh ive been so busy turning i forgot the belt needed changing until i was doing a clean down and half of it was hanging off everywhere.
Thanks for your help you saved me hours of searching very much appreciate the help
Think I last bought from Bearing Boys.


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Waw i just payed nearly 20 quid for mine so its here and fitted but noticed a little chip in the top of the inner pulley thats mounted to the motor side any idea of where i can get replacement one of those i understand i may have to get both sides but just dont fancy having this belt wear prematurely.
Help very much appreciated
Hi CHJ any chance u could point me in the direction of new belt pulleys just noticed mine have now got cracks in them, devastated as ive just got my 11 year old on the lathe for the first time and he was really enjoying any help very much appreciated mate cheers
Axminster tools, the Axminster Craft AC370WL Variable Speed Woodturning Lathe is from the same clone stable.

They should have spares, they have been selling various incarnations of that system in excess of 10 yrs.
Mate you are a star thank you for responding so quickly i will get on to them tomorrow if i cant find anything online will post results if i have any.
Thanks again