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1 Jun 2020
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Milton Keynes
Hi all,

Looking for some advice on decking joist hangers please. I have a number of 47 x 150mm joists to be fitted, but can't seem to find joist hangers that are suited to this size. I can find the adjustable joist hangers that range from 150 - 270mm no problem, but for each one of those that I fit I'll have to cut a notch out on the joist so that it folds over and fits flush. I'll do that if I have to but it would give me less work if I could just fit joist hangers that are suited to a 150mm joist without folding over.

Do they exist, and if so where can I buy them?

Any advice gratefully appreciated.
Thanks in advance =D> =D>
owen":13vv6s7r said:
Timber to timber? Couldn't you just use jiffy hangers?

Hi Owen,

Thanks for the reply. Yes jiffy hangers are the only option I have found but they only seem to come in long lengths which you cut to fit.
They seem to be the most cost effective option but I've got 44 to fit so was hoping that I could find a version that didn't need trimming.
I've just seen another member post details of an item from Wickes but they are £3.47 each ! (Ouch!)

Jiffy hangers it looks to be then!.

Thanks again :D :D
Many Thanks Pete. Wickes version was ideal but too expensive at £3.47 each. The other one is the version that I've seen that needs trimming to fit - angle grinder it is!

Thanks again for the replies.