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Wow - Guess what I'm building one right now for someone. Don't be afraid to use screw (oh I know it hurst doesn't it) As the two backs will be against a wall.
right. The only thing that hang me up is the pice for the base I don't want to see the ends of the toe kick board. What to do?
Oh you're building a floor standing one. I'm building a hanging one.

maybe you could mitre the corners and hold the toe kick in place with biscuit joints.

Just a thought.
Hi Wood1000,

As the cabint will be in a corner, run the kickboard right across. The endgrain won't show as will be abutting the walls at each end. Yes? Join the board to the sides of the base assembly with screws in screw-pockets and add a reinforcing bracket, inside the angle, as in a drop-seat dining chair.

Best of luck
I use a pc router 7539. I use a raised pannel bit. this is being done free hand with the bering. I have also use a pc router table. I was surprize that the table cant take a rasied pannel bit. What to do?
Hi Wood1000

Why can you not use the raised pannel bit in the table :?:
Large bits of this type should normaly be used in a tabe as they are more likely to run away if used free hand.
If you have just bought the table how about taking it back :!:
Hi Dave, glad you can make it at last - welcome to the forums :)

Anyway wood1000 What PC router table have you got? Just I have one and a CMT rasied panel bit fits fine, to be honest I thought PC only sold one table :?

I wouldn't recommend using a rasied panel bit freehand :shock: as Dave says these are big cutters and designed for a router table.
If you go here you can see apicture of my router table - is it the same as yours?
same table as your's Charley. the bit size is 3-1/2". I got them raised freehand not a promblem. I did slow down the speed to 10,000 RPM.
Ayup Wood1000

If you've got some sort of press to hold the veneer whilst the glue dries (bag press, platern press.....) then I would use an aliphatic or urea forlmaldyhide resin (titebond or cascamite), s PVAs tend to let the joints of the veneer creep apart.
If you haven't got ang form of press, then I would use contact adhesive.
At least you will leave the workshop with a smile on your face if you use enough :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol:

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Clockwork Query :wink: :wink: Rightwind Up Mates :!:
Do you mean when trimming the veener, with a flush trimming bit? I normaly go round anti-clockwise around the outside edge..