Chuck advice please - for Fobco Star

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Thanks. Ignorance is my problem - I pass over things like that because it is fitted to a spindle and doesn't say JT6 so I am not sure if a) I can get the chuck off and b) if it will fit the spindle in my drill press. Maybe I should just buy one, with its key, and see how it goes.
The Jacobs No. 34 chuck on mine is a made in America replacement (only a few years old).
I use a keyless chuck from Chronos without any issues. They do a 1-13mm JT6 keyless chuck on its own (4103B113J6) or, if you can get the spindle out then you can use one of their other options with the integral shanks. They also do a keyed Jacobs JT6 one if you want to stick with a Jacobs.
I looked at chronos. Unbranded, which I assume means Chinese made. US forums suggest some are good, some have a lot of run out. Cheap though so worth a try! Thanks.
Bought a used Jacobs in what appears to be excellent condition from eBay for £20. I hope it will fit when it comes.
Just as I buy another keyed one!

The reason I finally decided to get another chick is I was using the drill press to bore 8 25mm wide by exactly 52mm deep holes in some hard oak. I could not get the drill tight enough in the chuck because the tightening gear was too worn. Also the chuck does not run smoothly throughout its jaw range. It has caused me problems of drill slippage when drilling through stainless steel plate for example. A generic keyless is not that expensive so I might get one of those as well then I can sell on what I don't use.