Chinese 12V Diesel heater

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Charge the battery and try again. :)

E 01 is the fault code for a flat battery.

Here's some more you might encounter.

And a link to some useful info.

  • E-01: Undervoltage of power supply – battery is low. Solution: Recharge your battery before turning the heater on.
  • E-02: Overvoltage of power supply – voltage is too high. Solution: Reduce the voltage to 12 volts.
  • E-03: Glow plug fault – ignition plug failure. Solution: Check glow plug and leads (replace if necessary).
  • E-04: Fuel pump fault – fuel pump broken/ not working. Solution: Check the fuel pump’s getting power – replace if necessary.
  • E-05: Overheating. Solution: Check the heater’s air intake and exhaust for blockages