checking out japanese pull saws

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engineer one

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25 May 2005
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Wembley, Middx
ok so i know most of you don't want to go near any other shops, but a tool shop, but sometimes, you have to suffer.

many of you may have heard of LIDL,.and you may also know that they have weekly special offers. well.
this week they are doing a gardening special and selling two kinds of japanese style saws.

so i figured for those who want to check out a pull saw before spending loads of money.

most of their tools are branded powerfix, and this one is a boxed item they call a NAKAYA, but it seems to have come into Europe through a company called Abraham Diederichs in wuppertal Germany.

it has a non changeable blade, with a bamboo wrapped straight handle, and the blade is SK5 carbon steel 265mm long by 58mm deep at the front, sweeping back slightly to about 55mm at the handle intersection, where there is a black metal connector. comes in a cardboard box, with zillions of languages, and has a blade cover plus another cardboard insert to save the blade, so better wrapped than the stuff we buy from the shop in axminster.

i bought something similar from the tool show in november, but all the packaging is in japanese, buy the axminster number is 11015009, on the bar code, so who knows.

anyway i have tried to cut a 4x2, and got a good swift cut, with a good finish,

so what's the other good news???
well how about £6.99 each!!!!!!!!!! :roll: :roll: :roll:

also they do a folding green wood saw for £2.99, and they work well for all those gardening jobs you don't want to do, or to help you get some turning wood.

maybe they are not top quality, but to check out this style of saw, and also for the toolbox that you take on site, seems to me a sensible buy.

but hurry they may well be gone by monday.

all the best
paul :wink:
Thanks for that Paul, just been and got one, looks as good as the one I got from Axminster.

I also picked one up last night, its quite good the blade is a litle loose but I sure I can sort that. It cross cuts pine well but won't rip, excelent value and my local (nottingham) store had loads so I don't think you need to rush.

I picked up one of these on my way home last night.

I had a quick play with it, and on first impressions it cross-cuts as well as the £35 one I bought from Classic Hand Tools.

Didn't try ripping with it as the teeth are too fine.

Don't know what the durability will be like compared to the dearer one, but for 7 quid, who really cares?