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11 Jan 2004
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While looking round Aldi yesterday I noticed a set of 5 F-clamps for £5.99.
They range from 150mm with 50mm throw to 300mm with 120mm throw.
They may be nothing near as good as Bessys but could be used to help with the adage that 'you can never have enough clamps'.
At that price you cant go wrong (unless they break with 1st use) so I added 2 sets to my array of clamps.
Tucked in the middle of that Lidl offer is the plumbers kit I got offf them here last week - very handy if you have pipe clamps as it allows you to cut your own threads on the bars and make clamps any length.

Sawdust Producer":23l6p8kk said:
Love to see someone doing a review on the hand plane for delicate cabinet work, or what about the wooden handle chisels ?
Mein gott, I pity the poor soul who tries to get anything done with those planes. :(

Cheers, Alf
Alf":1d74u9r8 said:
Mein gott, I pity the poor soul who tries to get anything done with those planes. :(

Cheers, Alf

Aw, c'mon, Alf, I thought you liked a challenge? Aren't you the Queen of Fettling?

The tools that both Aldi and Lidl are not all junk but the planes fall into that class :roll:

The thing that worries me is that they will turn up on Ebay for more than the shop price and they appear to sell :shock: , may be I am in the wrong business. :wink:
Just picked up 4 of the handy clamps from lidl along with some work supports, wood glue and other bits and pieces...

The clamps look ok to me, same caliber as my handy clamps from Screwfix. Obviously i'm yet to use them.

Unofrtuneatly the sanding discs are not being sold. Shame, that's the thiong I went in to buy ](*,)
I also bought 4 of the clamps from Lidl and guess what?
The sanding disks were not there.
The price was shown above the racks but the space for them was filled with large boxed tools.
The best bargain I ever had with clamps was in Great Mills before it became Focus.
I bought 2 Record cramp heads for approx £6 each.
When I went back a wek later they had risen to £16.
I must have bought them when they were on special offer even though not marked as such.

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