Charging Trend Air Pro

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12 Apr 2019
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I might be being stupid here, but I have a new Trend Air Pro respirator and have plugged it in to charge. The manual says the light will come on at the plug when charging. Mine doesn't, unless I switch the respirator on ... doesn't seem right to me. Anyone out there been through this loop?
Thanks in advance
Thanks, but no. No charge and the manual says the light stays on when fully charged. Wont run without being plugged in. :(
Sounds like it won't take a charge - if it's dead to start and you can't get it to charge, it may not ever charge. I'd call trend and ask them what they will do about it.
Late to the game here, I have 2 of these. The solution is counter inuitive but logical when you think about it. The charging port (if you don't use the base) is the same as the power out. To charge the battery you need to turn it on.