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30 Sep 2004
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I have a Creusen slow speed grinder and I am exploring the possibility of a CBN wheel for tool shaping.

Wheels from UK sellers seem to come in around the £180 mark.

Has anyone tried and would recommend a direct from china wheel?

What grit would I be looking at for tool reshaping?

Or completely on the other end of the scale. How quick is a Tormek course diamond stone for reshaping?


80 grit cbn isn't as popular as the finer (say 120 grit) wheels but it is nice and aggressive for reshaping tools and doesn't take that much finishing afterwards.
I recently bought a grinder with CBN WHEEL from Hope Woodturning. Excellent price and service.

Also I was looking to get an 80 grit but following a conversation with Simon Hope at Hope Woodturning, I decided to follow his advice and get a 180 grit CBN wheel. I've been very pleased with this choice.

The wheel was packaged with a slow grinder, and using that I have had no sign of excess heat building up. Excess heat seems to be the main reason people recommend the coarser grit (they cut quicker and therefore lead to less heat build up). However, my experience of using a CBN wheel is that the large mass of metal that comprises the main part of the CBN wheel is a very effective heat sink, and they don't heat the irons the way traditional grit stones do. Perhaps if you don't have a slow grinder this is more of a problem, but it is worth noting all the same.
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+1 for. Hope Woodturning - really helpful, and you can get components or a complete kit…. I’m not mentioning the ’S’ word but mine has been revolutionised since recently switching.

The difficulty is I need a 150mm wheel with a 15mm bore. £208 from Axminster.

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