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car booty x 3 10/04/2012


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I will not buy anymore tools...
6 Nov 2009
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sunny somerset!
so this is a collection of three boot fairs sunday before last, friday and sunday. the last two where quite disappointing, sorry for the delays in posting i'm having computer issues so i can only do this when i can use SWMBO laptop and she is busy with college work.

some nice boxwood BE chisels some are cracked and bent but for £3 including the turning cchiselsi couldn't refuse.

a parting tool and what is either a paint stirrer or bowl gouge :duno: :lol:

another ebony and brass pad saw

a really nice socket chisel seams to be a lump well worn box for the handle.

the makers mark is that dated 1816? or 1916? :duno:

a brass topped plumb bob and a square with a sliding bevel facility

cir clip pliers always useful, and a record table vice that would be my 7th

a nice tape for setting up my shooting range

3 moulding planes these need some loving :lol:

spear and jackson brass backed DT saw, ccouldn'tresist it for a quid

a nice chunky driver with a through tang

a trend router, seller told me it was working perfectly, but it wasn't :evil:, the switch dose not work but i can fit an in-line switch, almost messed my trousers when i plugged it into the wall .

more later



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12 Mar 2009
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Kent - the Garden of England
Probably the biggest haul of the weekend there Chris! Well done indeed.

I have 30 odd boxwood assorted chisels on my tuit list from last year but I still break the box out to read the marks and as I find out more...the more I love each and every one of them...for £3 for the lot...you robbed the guy!

I simply love those old socket mortise chisels...I had a couple of Sorbys that I stupidly sold on at the next bootfair...but made a huge profit so it must have funded more tools later...we are only guardians of these gems after all...(I'm still missing mine though!) It doesn't look like a date actually...certainly and old font...I would say mid to late 1800s but maybe older.

Hey...snap! another T3 eh! How very strange! I have had a play with mine since I got it over the weekend and it is a rather nicely made bit of kit and that "handy" weight for small jobs. I am swinging well away from power tools in my old age so no doubt at all some of my power routers will soon be converted to daughter's wedding fund....I just have to decide which to part with. #-o

Thanks for sharing mate!



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24 Jul 2007
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I reckon that "date" is possibly a number for that pattern of chisel. I don't have any evidence for this except a) I've not seen any ordinary tools marked with a date of manufacture and b) reproductions of old catalogues often have numbers by each pattern. The proof would be to find a Woodcock catalogue I suppose.

Having written that, I thought to look at the "Illustrated Sheffield List" in case such numbers were common across different makers, but a socket chisel is no. 372 in there.

Still, a nice haul, and all with life left in them, even the poor unloved moulding plane, suffering the double indignity of having both wedge and iron in backwards!