Camvac 486 carbon brushes

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28 Oct 2008
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One of the motors on my big Camvac 486 wasnt working so I stripped it down to find out I need to replace the carbon brushes.
Phoned Record and the price for a pair is £35 posted out.
Has anyone bought some from an alternative supplier for brushes for the other 2 motors who will probably go pretty soon no doubt? Dont know the sizes yet till I get the new ones and I will post up the sizes.

There's no way Record (or Camvac before Record bought them) would have commissioned a bespoke motor. They are bound to be using something generic. You've opened the top to access the brushes. Look for a manufacturers part number, even a name somewhere on the body of the motor and go from there. It may well be on the bottom (fat) end of the motor somewhere as there's more smooth surface to print on ...
Generic carbon brushes if you find them should be available for a 1/10th of what Record are charging.
To put it in perspective, replacement top brand Domel motors used in those £500, £600, £700 M class dust extractors can be bought new for between £50 and £100 from several vacuum cleaner parts specialists. All that you need to know is whose motor and what part number to buy, and you can go to the specialist supplier instead of the powertool company.
3 dimensions are how they are sorted and sold. Even the length can be cut down if its too long for your motor. Last set I bought was from a lawn mower / chainsaw repair shop. They had 100's of sizes to choose from.
Or simply ebay.
I have filed down some brushes from a drill to fit in a motorcycle alternator it worked very well.

Thank you to everyone who replied. I will wait and measure one of the brushes and then order another 4 from Carbon Brushes uk. I have checked the motor and unfortunatelty there no markings on it anywhere to allow me to get the bog standard cheap brushes.
As a wee aside I did order 10 pairs of carbon brushes from a supplier in the US for my cnc router which uses a Porter Cable router. It cost me about 30 quid which was the cost of one pair in the UK!
My Record Dust extractor RSD1 needed new brushes, phoned record and they wanted £35+ postage so looked around and found That the Carbon Motor Brush For Henry NRV200 Henry HVR200 fitted exactly, the pair for £9
. Job done they have been working for over a year now and still going strong...
Thats interesting. The reason that mine were so expensive was that the plastic holders the brushes get inserted into were included. There is no need for that inclusion as there is no need to replace them. I have measured the brushes and will get the other 2 pairs fro a carbon brush supplier.