Cable drum table I never used polyurethane before

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25 Jun 2014
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WALES, Nr Neath
Help please i have been asked to recycle 3 cable drums and make them into tables for a cafe .
1st can i use polyurethane on the table would it be food safe ? And if so what would you recommend i use ? 2 n d Could i just paint it on or would i have to seal all the gaps ? Again if i need to seal the gaps what should i use .thanks' Mock ps I never used polyurethane before so any tips
The food-safe-finish thing is a red herring, as every finish that sets hard can be considered food safe once fully hardened/cured. But if you need to point to a piece of paper or page online that gives this assurance then you need to use a product that was tested and certified, which will limit the pool you have to pick from quite significantly.

Polyurethane isn't one thing, which type do you mean? The best would be suitable, one other might be suitable (but your lead time would be longer than I imagine would be acceptable) and the third is unlikely to be suitable.
Why did he cover the top with more boards? The writing and the dirtiness of it is what gives it it's character.

Yacht Varnish would be a good finish for wear and tear but I'd probably epoxy the top rather than anything else, with a 1-2mm film of it on the surface.
Agree with you i would have given it a bit of character as you say / But if he 's paying he can do what he want's with it .Don't know what he want's to do with the other two yet Mock
It's very easy to use and for your drum you would be just pouring it on and spreading a thin layer all over and let it set and then clean up the edges so a kilo should be good