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1 Feb 2006
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Nr. Tonbridge, Kent
Just wondering whether anyone had read this book by lost art press and what their thoughts / recommendations were. Also if anyone had any thoughts on the Anarchist'sToolbox too.

Many thanks
Both excellent books!

I read By hand and eye last year while on holiday. This year I plan on taking some paper pencils and a compass or two so I can actually work through the exercises!

Anarchists Toolbox is also very good but some of the tool brand recommendations are not so valid in UK as it is American makes he generally recommends.

I bought the pdf/kindle versions of both these but the I have bought the real version of other Lost Art Press books and they are very well made.


I haven't read By Hand & Eye but I have read The Anarchist's Toolbox which I thought had a valuable message. You don't need a lot of tools, there's plenty of fabulous furniture that can be made with quite modest tool kits, but you absolutely do need to invest considerable time and effort to properly master that limited range of tools.
Half way through the Anarchists Tool Chest and I'd echo Custard's views. The message is that there are no silver bullets in terms of tools, just a basic set which you are better spending time to master rather than looking for something that will work miracles out of the box. We all really know that, but for some reason there is the temptation just to buy that new invention - guilty as charged but I am downsizing, albeit slowly.