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The Tattooed One
26 Apr 2009
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Birmingham, UK
RIght, time to use some of that walnut I have. I've knocked up these two possibilities for a saw vice (obviously I've only done half since the other size will be identical and fastened at the base) and can't decide which one I prefer. I suspect the right hand side is better because it's shorter (left is about 14" the right about 9") but on the other hand the taller one means I can work at a better height.

I can't see anything other than minor aesthetic differences, and as it is a tool those don't matter anyway. Make whichever one you fancy.
Getting a comfortable working height is what they are all about. For years I just had the saw clamped between two bits of wood in the vice. Since making a saw vice and working in comfort I also get better results and save time. The central pillar type can leave the blade a bit slack at the ends but a small clamp or two will fix that.
for me I find a saw vice that holds the saw around nipple hieght is just right in terms of comfort and being able to see what is going on