Brass finish on a old coin

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9 Dec 2019
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London, UK
I've recently bought an old british half-crown coin and I'm looking to give it a brass finish. This is to match a pocket watch my Dad already owns so it can be attached to the end of the chain.

I've looked online at a few options and these seem to be them:

Spray paint with brass effect paint
I have fears this wont look very genuine and I wont be able to polish this to match the watch.

All the kits I have found are quite expensive and I'm not sure how brass plating works as it is an alloy and not a pure element

Brush plating with a blowtorch and brass wired brush
This seems to be out ahead. I have a few sacrificial coins I can test on to get a good finish/ see if the process will ruin the coin.

If anyone has any advice with these or other methods I haven't found I would very much appreciate it.

Unless the half crown is older than the 30's, then it is an alloy all in itself.
I believe it was 1926 when they stopped making them with high silver content

Try some tanners first, its cheaper you know :roll: =D>